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  1. 02.17.2022 – J-1 Persecution and Hardship Waiver Approved for Palestinian Refugee

    Our client was a Palestinian refugee residing in Syria, and as a Palestinian national, she was a vulnerable target for government discrimination if she were to return to Syria. Since her husband was an asylee from Syria, he could not join her in Syria since he was also a target of the Syrian government.

    The attorneys at Azhar & Azhar Law Firm argued that her fear of governmental persecution, combined with the exceptional hardship that her family in the US would face should she be forced to depart the US, necessitated the approval of the J-1 waiver application. The DOS approved the DS-3035 and USCIS subsequently approved the I-612.

  2. 02.03.2022 – Permanent Residency Approved for Foreign Medical Graduate Working in an Underserved Area

    Our client was a Jordanian national and a foreign medical graduate. He had entered on a J-1 visa in order to complete his medical residency. He then completed 3.5 years of work in an underserved area before moving to another state. After having moved, he continued to serve patients, but his office was not located in a medically underserved area. His attorney advised him that, as a result, his I-485 would likely be denied. Client then hired Azhar & Azhar Law Firm to represent him on the I-485J.

    Attorney Furqan argued to USCIS that although his client had not worked in a medically underserved area, the majority of his patients were originally from medically underserved areas. USCIS agreed and approved the I-485J and I-485 applications.

  3. 12.14.2021 – E-2 Visa Extension Approved for Australian National with Struggling Restaurant Business

    Our client’s E-2 was approved for a Persian restaurant, just prior to the spread of Covid. The economic impacts of Covid were devastating to the success of the business, and as a result, our client was not able to hire any employees or generate significant net income.

    Attorney Furqan was hired to file the E-2 extension, and argued that although the E-2 enterprise was marginal, the financial and employee forecast indicated that the business was trending upwardly. USCIS issued an RFE, but ultimately approved the E-2 extension for two additional years.

  4. 10.13.2021 – EB-1A I-140 Approved for Indian National with Expertise in Biomedical Optics

    Our client was a scientist with extraordinary ability in the field of biomedical optics, particularly in the field of biophysics involving the extensive use of fluorescence-based laser spectroscopy, optical microscopy ultrafast laser spectroscopy and microscopy. He achieved both national and international acclaim for his groundbreaking and innovative research as he has made several original contributions of major significance to his field. USCIS approved the I-140 without an RFE.

  5. 08.09.2021 – EB-1B I-140 Approved for Chinese National with Expertise in Molecular Biology and Genetics

    Attorney Furqan Sunny Azhar filed an EB-1B for a Chinese National with expertise in molecular biology and genetics. An “Editorial Board Member” for several journals, the applicant also had over 17 publications in peer-reviewed internationally recognized journal articles. Ultimately, the applicant had established to the satisfaction of USCIS at that he was an outstanding research and professor.