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ase victories

  1. April 25, 2017 – EAD Approved for Applicant with Compelling Circumstances

    Our client had entered the US on H-1B status, but he was terminated by his employer, who had failed to pay him his H-1B wages. Our client had trouble filing an H-1B transfer without recent pay stubs, and because he had specialized knowledge in specific programming languages, his field of expertise left him with only a few job opportunities. Sunny Azhar filed an EAD request for him, by arguing that he met the threshold of “compelling circumstances,” and USCIS approved the case.

  2. April 14, 2017 – Immigration Judge Grants Adjustment of Status for Indian National

    Our client was in M-1 status, but fell out of status and was detained. Sunny Azhar filed a request for bond and so the client was able to bond out of ICE’s custody. He then married a US citizen, and she filed an I-130 petition for him. The I-130 was approved by USCIS, but the government attorney did not was to terminate the court case because they were concerned that our client’s failure to pay his school tuition reflected that he was not willing to take responsibility. At the final hearing, Sunny Azhar was able to illicit testimony from his client and his client’s wife that supported the position that the client was a responsible person and deserving of permanent residency. The immigration judge agreed and granted his application for permanent residency.

  3. April 10, 2017 – Adjustment of Status Granted After 6-Year Wait

    Our client was born in the Bahamas, and came to the US as a dependent of his father. After his father fell out of status, our client was issued a Notice to Appear (“NTA”) before an immigration judge. He married a US citizen and the I-130 was approved, but USCIS sat on the case for years before making a decision. After FBI interviews and home site investigations, Sunny Azhar was finally able to convince USCIS to approve the adjustment of status application, after a 6-year wait.

  4. April 7, 2017 – I-130 Denied Due to Cousin Marriage but Reversed on Appeal

    Our client married his first cousin and filed an I-130 for her. While I-130’s based on first cousin marriages are generally not approved by USCIS, they are in cases in which the petitioner and beneficiary intend to live in a state that allows for first cousin marriage. Our client lived in such a state, but USCIS still denied the petition because they did not believe that the petitioner had enough ties to the state. Sunny Azhar appealed the decision to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), and the AAO reversed the decision of USCIS, allowing the petitioner to complete immigrant visa processing for his spouse.

  5. April 1, 2017 – Asylum Granted for Iraqi National

    Our client, a citizen of Iraq, came to the US on a visit visa. He was of Palestinian descent, and was persecuted by the Shia majority community, because of his religious beliefs, and because of his Palestinian nationality. Sunny Azhar filed his asylum application, and after completing two asylum interviews, 4 years apart, the Houston Asylum Office ultimately approved the case.