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ase victories

  1. April 22, 2015 – Client Allowed to File for US Citizenship after UCW Conviction

    Client, a citizen of Albania, entered the US in the late 90’s as a refugee. He then became a permanent resident, but only months after having obtained his permanent residency, he was convicted for the Unlawful Possession of a Weapon (UCW). 10 years later he applied for US citizenship and was denied as having been deportable from the US. He hired attorney Furqan Sunny Azhar who filed a new I-130 for him, since he was married to a US citizen and had 2 US citizen children. The I-130 was approved, and a 42-A application was also filed with USCIS, so that our client could seek Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents. Sunny then convinced the government attorney’s office that based on the numerous positive factors in this case, and the likelihood of success in court, they might consider withdrawing their prosecution and allow our client to re-file his citizenship application. The government attorney’s office agreed to withdraw their prosecution of the case, and client was free to re-file his citizenship application with USCIS.

  2. April 14, 2015 – Asylum Approved for Iraqi National

    Our client, a citizen of Iraq, had worked as a translator for the US military. After his asylum case was denied in Sweden, he was sent back to Iraq. Once the situation in Iraq deteriorated again, he was afraid that the Shia extremist groups that ran Iran would learn of his previous employment with the US military, and therefore try and kill him as a reprisal. After he was able to secure a visit visa to the US, a bomb exploded outside his house, and he felt no choice but to file asylum. Sunny Azhar filed his asylum application, and USCIS approved it.

  3. April 13, 2015 – Admin Closure Based on Approved TPS Application

    Our client, a citizen of Liberia, had entered the US on a B-2 visit visa. Prior to entering the US, she had been a victim of Femal Genital Mutilation (FGM), and attorney Sunny Azhar filed her I-589 asyum claim. While her asylum case was pending, DHS designated Liberia as a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) country based on the threat of the Ebola virus. One week before client's final trial, her TPS application was approved. Sunny Azhar and the DHS attorney then agreed to adminstratively close her case, and the judge also agreed to do so.

  4. March 23, 2015 – Citizenship Granted to Client with Attempted Cocaine Possession Conviction

    Our client, a citizen of India, was a permanent resident. He was arrested for DWI and Attempted Cocaine Possession and was convicted of both crimes. Though the controlled substance offense rendered him removable from the US, Sunny Azhar was able to secure his US citizenship.

  5. February 02, 2015 I-140 Approved for Professional Cricket Player

    Azhar & Azhar Law Firm recently secured the approval of an I-140 petition in the EB-1A category (alien of extraordinary ability) for a cricket player from Nepal who is currently competing professionally in the US.  The applicant captained the Nepal Under-19 national cricket team, had several match winning performances, including centuries, in many national level tournaments, competed internationally on behalf of Nepal, and has already been regarded as one of the best players on the U.S. national cricket circuit.


    After two rounds of RFE’s including merit based and procedural issues regarding how professional cricket is viewed in the U.S., attorney Noaman Azhar was ultimately able to overcome USCIS’s concerns and earn the I-140 petition approval for our client.  Our client will now apply for U.S. permanent residency and train and compete with the hope of being selected to play on the U.S. national cricket team.