Pro Bono

images (6)"In America today, the professional services provided by lawyers are not luxuries. they are, rather, unquestioned necessities, essential in preserving the rights and is practically and often even literally impossible to do without the advice and advocacy of a lawyer.


Poor persons are also more likely to need a lawyer because of the tendency of some people to take advantage of their economic weaknesses. It is a disturbing fact of life that poor persons are frequent victims of deceptive trade practices and unconscionable agreements… 


The imbalance between the need for legal services and their availability also undermines the legitimacy of the legal system itself. It is ludicrous to provide members of society a right to basic human needs without a realistic means to enforce that right. The lack of legal aid to the poor thus goes against our most basic principles of jurisprudence: simple equity, due process, equal protection, and equal access to the judicial system to address wrongs." 


The above quote was taken from W. Frank Newton's article, “The Lawyer as a Professional, The Lawyer as a Public Servant.” Professor Newton is a law professor at Texas Tech School of Law in Lubbock, TX.


The lawyers at Azhar & Azhar, PLLC Firm echo Professor Newton's sentiments and take very seriously our obligation to provide free legal services. We are dedicated to serving and protecting our community because it is the right thing to to. The lawyers here hold a special place in their hearts for people who fear persecution by their government (asylum seekers) or have been victims of a crime. It is these types of people who are often helpless and depend on fair and open access to the legal system. It is our job to provide it. 


Cases that are done free of charge are often the most rewarding. If you believe that your case merits free legal work, please see the "Contact Us" tab of this website so that we may meet to discuss your needs.